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Self Love Rose Quartz Bath Blend & Crystal Box

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A Beautiful Self Love Bath Ritual makes the perfect atmosphere to create your spell and Love intention.

Designed for unconditional Self-Love our Bath Ritual kits will set the sacred space.

The Self Love Ritual Kit contains;
☾  250g of Aromatherapy Blended Bath Salts created for Pure Love with Ylang Ylang, Lemon and Orange Pure Essential Oils and Sea Salt

🜂 Fire - White Candle for purity, balance and healing during your spiritual ritual

🜁 Air - Incense Stick to create an ambiance

🜃 Earth - A Rose Quartz Crystal Pendant Necklace and a Moonstone Crystal Stone

🜄 Water - Run a warm Bath and pour your Bath Salt Blend into the running water flow

Top your sacred space with the gorgeous petals from the Soap Flower, chosen for this ritual, leaving no mess to clear as you watch your intentions fully release as the water drains